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Yamaha Mio Xeon 125 Thailand

Yamaha finally really going to launch its latest 125 Mio. PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) had enrolled TPT (Type Registration) Mio 125 to the Ministry of Industry and has been approved.
Even such a habit of Yamaha road test by making the Mio 125 karyawananya many roam the streets.
"Before the launch we did make sure his condition is really excellent. We do testing to 50 thousand miles before actually mass produced, "said Dyonisius Beti, President Director of PT YMKI on one occasion at OTOMOTIFNET.com

"So if you want to see the motors being tested Yamaha'll stay just in front of the factory Yamaha, certainly a lot of passing," he joked accompanied by a smile.
With a "dive" testing, Yamaha also "drinking water", a ritual performed Yamaha is also a means of promotion. Everyone got latah discuss his new motors.
Apart from Yamaha's strategy, at least the appearance of the Mio 125 or the gossip will be named the Xeon is an indication of a market in Indonesia skutik increasingly tempting. There is a potential market of high class skutik.
When low skutik optional Yamaha Mio Sporty, Honda Beat and Suzuki Spin. Medium was filled skutik Mio Soul Yamaha, Honda Vario and Suzuki SkyDrive. There was high skutik Honda Vario and Suzuki Techno CBS SkyDrive. Now Yamaha Mio 125 is entered in the highest class deserves this.
Then who is the toughest rival of Yamaha Mio 125? Who else could it be Honda Vario CBS Techno! In any brand of Yamaha and Honda are competing heat of market share. If so let's compare the two, before the Mio 125 really pave in Indonesia.

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