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2012 Mercedes Benz CLS Review and Images and Specs

2012 New Mercedes Benz CLS Images
2012 Mercedes Benz CLS Back Views
2012 Mercedes Benz CLS Dash Pictures
2012 Mercedes Benz CLS Front Photos

It seems like every automaker wants to accept a "four-door coupe" in its calendar these days. Hyundai has its abandoned new Sonata, Volkswagen has the admirable CC and BMW has reportedly accustomed its Gran Coupe abstraction the ambitious for production. This is absolutely one of the hottest automotive architecture trends of contempo memory, but we charge bethink that it all started with the Mercedes-Benz CLS aback in 2004. The association from Stuttgart told us that coupes can accept added than two doors (though we're still not 100 percent abaft that idea), and the CLS bound became one of the best admirable four-door cartage on the market.

Recently, we came beyond some leaked shots of the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS, assuming the admirable new architecture that will be apparent at this year's Paris Motor Show. Now we accept the official images absolute from the manufacturer, and this car is alike added admirable in abounding high-res glory. The new headlight architecture is absolutely striking, and the CLS uses a full-LED setup, with a absolute of 71 bulbs authoritative up the capital headlamps, active lamps, about-face signals and ancillary lamps. We're absolutely afraid to see what this looks like in being with the sun beneath the horizon.

Even today, the aboriginal CLS still looks fresh, avant-garde and sexy.

Inside, a new three-spoke action council caster is on hand, and the CLS now uses a column-mounted accessory selector agnate to that in the higher-end CL and S-Class cars. The blow of the autogenous mixes adequate accessories with avant-garde style, and the end aftereffect is article that not alone looks adventurous and elegant, but badly adequate and cozy.

We don't accept official chat about powertrains, but apprehend the CLS to be offered with two altered gas engines back it goes on auction in North America in mid-2011. An all-new direct-injected 3.5-liter V6 is advancing to be the abject agent in the CLS350, while CLS550 models will reportedly accept a twin-turbo 4.6-liter V8 acceptable for about 430 application and 516 pound-feet of torque. Of course, a CLS AMG will appear anon thereafter, packing affected amounts of power.

We'll accept the official specs afterpiece to the car's appointed actualization in Paris, but for now, you can apprehend what Mercedes-Benz has to say about the CLS in the columnist absolution afterwards the jump and annal through the arcade beneath for a few high-res shots of the graceful new Benz.

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